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5/16/2011 | Press Release

Statement by Republican Leader Conway and Budget Vice Chair Nielsen on Governor Brown's May Revise

Sabrina Lockhart (916) 319-2034

SACRAMENTO - Assembly Republicans today responded to the release of Governor Brown's May Revise budget proposal.

Assembly Republican Leader Connie Conway, of Tulare

"In our 'Roadmap to a No Tax Increase Budget,' Assembly Republicans showed that we can protect funding for the classroom and law enforcement without raising taxes.  We call upon the Governor to stop trying to raise people's taxes and start working across party lines on a no-tax increase budget compromise.  Protecting our core priorities, reforming state government and bringing back private sector jobs - without raising taxes - must continue to be our focus as we work to get California back on track."

Assembly Budget Committee Vice Chair Jim Nielsen, R-Gerber

"The news that our budget deficit continues to shrink and that California continues to take in unexpected tax revenue is further proof that we don't need to impose tens of billions in higher taxes on overburdened taxpayers to balance the budget and protect core priorities.  Governor Brown today took a baby step forward by eliminating one year of his proposed tax increases, but he still proposes more than $50 billion in higher taxes on Californians to fund bigger government with no serious reform. I cannot approve of a budget which holds to the dangerous realignment plan that will put our citizens at risk and which increases the size of government by 31 percent over the next three years."


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