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In The News | 09/16/14
Brown Signs Groundwater Legislation
Capitol Public Radio
t’s going to become more difficult to drill a well in California. Katie Orr Governor Jerry Brown today signed a package of groundwater legislation signed into law. The regulations will require...
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In The News | 09/15/14
Valley Ag Groups Oppose Groundwater Monitoring
ABC Fresno
MADERA COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) -- The drought has forced many Valley farmers to pump a lot more groundwater to irrigate their crops. Many Valley wells have gone dry this summer with farmers having to...
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Video | 09/15/14
Valley legislators urge veto of rushed groundwater legislation
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Asm. Olsen discusses her opposition to rushed groundwater bills, which will do little to replenish groundwater resources.
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Video | 08/29/14
Asm. Olsen discusses her opposition to AB 1739
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Assembly Republican Leader-Elect Kristin Olsen discusses her opposition to AB 1739, legislation that will allow the State to interefere with local control and private property rights to regulate...
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