California State Assemblyman Tim Donnelly | District 33
6/5/2013 | Press Release

Child Protective Services Audit Passes with Unanimous Support

Contact: Cassandra Joiner (916) 319-2033 / (760) 244-5277
SACRAMENTO – Assemblyman Tim Donnelly’s (AD 33) and Assemblyman Gatto’s (AD 43) State Audit Request 110 calling for an audit of Child Protective Services passed the Joint Legislative Audit Committee unanimously Wednesday.
Following a rally on the south steps of the California State Capitol, Assemblyman Donnelly and witnesses made their way to the hearing room where Alex Nikolayev, Lisa Snell of the Reason Foundation, and nearly 80 people came from all over the State to testify in support of the CPS audit request.
“This is a huge win for the many families who have been victimized by Child Protective Services throughout the years and it is a ray of hope showing that we can achieve system wide reform and accountability soon. I appreciate Assemblyman Gatto for his willingness to joint co-author this critical audit request and to all the members of the Committee who voted in favor of holding CPS accountable today.”
The California State Auditor will now choose three counties to audit. Once underway, the audit is expected to take five to six months.
“This audit is long overdue as was proven by the powerful testimonies shared at the morning rally and in the hearing. California owes a debt of gratitude to the hundreds of citizens who called their representative, spoke out and raised awareness about this audit hearing today,” said Assemblyman Donnelly.
He continued, “Stories like that of the Nikolayev family, who had their fragile baby ripped from their arms for no reason, and stories like that of Gabriel Fernandez who was tortured and beaten to death show the unbelievable dysfunction and inconsistency within CPS. It is time for a massive change and I am very excited to see this soon-to-be eye opening audit move forward.”
State Audit request 110 has been directed to the State Auditor, Elaine Howle, for further action.