California State Assemblywoman Shannon Grove | District 34
1/18/2012 | Press Release

Assemblywoman Shannon Grove responds to Governor's State of the State address

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SACRAMENTO, CA - Assemblywoman Shannon Grove, R-Bakersfield, issued the following response to Governor Jerry Brown's State of the State address:

Governor Brown's remarks today were essentially identical to past years and years of liberal Democrat speeches and promises.  While the Governor talks a good game of reigning in spending and getting our fiscal house in order, his actions demonstrate a much different agenda.

Governor Brown has given pay raises on the backs of taxpayers to the high-paid prison guards  and other unions who helped put him in office, granted taxpayer subsidies to illegal immigrants for college loans and scholarships under the "Dream Act," pushed an expansive "green" energy mandate which has and will continue to raise taxpayer energy costs, and most recently put his stamp of approval on the $100+ billion and growing high-speed rail disaster that epitomizes the incompetence and waste that results from a massive government.  Governor Brown signed 745 bills into law from last year.  This does not lift burdens off of our struggling economy, but instead adds more through increased government bureaucracy.

Meanwhile, the Governor expects the taxpayers, many of whom still struggle to find full-time work to provide for their family, to happily hand over $35 billion in new "temporary" sales and income taxes to finance these outrageous government experiments.  The hostages in this hold-up are sadly our children, as the school-year will likely be shortened if the taxpayers don't pay this ransom.  Yet the teachers, through negotiations by their powerful union, are certainly well protected from personally feeling any of those cuts.  It will solely be the students and their families that are hurt.

The reasons that Governor Brown touted for being optimistic of California's future are, in reality, the very reasons why businesses and jobs are leaving this state.  While other states like Ohio, Florida, Michigan, and Wisconsin are reducing their spending and creating business-friendly environments, California Democrats continue to over spend, over tax, over regulate and display utter contempt for private-sector employers, workers and their families.

Last year, Republicans stood up to Democrats and their allies and held firm against tax increases, saving the average California family of four over $4,000.  California government has plenty of taxpayer dollars; what it doesn't have is enough legislators with the courage and will to spend these tax dollars responsibly and efficiently.

I will continue to fight for less government spending, no new taxes and a more jobs-friendly environment.  However, until the people of California demand a massive change to the makeup of our state legislature, the damage will continue to be felt by every taxpayer in this state.