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In The News | 07/22/14
Assembly Bill 109 puts the squeeze on Riverside County jails and leaves more criminals on the streets
"Metal theft has been rampant in the last few years. I think it is related to AB 109 letting more people out, and they are committing these petty crimes, but these petty crimes are adding up...
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In The News | 07/16/14
HEMET: Assemblyman seeks further traffic enforcement on Florida Avenue
Riverside Press Enterprise
Assemblyman Brian Nestande is asking the California Highway Patrol to extend a contract to enforce traffic on Hemet’s main street, although the city has not budgeted money to pay for it. With a...
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In The News | 06/30/14
Twin WWII brothers honored as Veterans of the Year
The Turleys are honored as California Veterans of the Year. It's an honor usually given to one man, but Assemblyman Brian Nestande thought their story was too interesting to pass up. "There's three...
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Video | 06/02/14
Assemblyman Nestande discusses the importance of Career Technical Education
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Nestande discusses the importance of maintaining funding for Career Technical Education in California public K-12 schools
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