California State Assemblyman Curt Hagman | District 55

My Legislation

AB 1118 »
Public Safety—Statewide Bail Schedule Commission
This bill reconvenes the Judicial Commission to create a comprehensive advisory statewide bail schedule. In addition, the Commission will...
AB 1539 »
Content Standards: Computer Science
Assembly Bill 1539 will require the State Board of Education to adopt content standards for teaching computer science in, at least, grades...
AB 1540 »
Concurrent Enrollment in Secondary School and Community College
Assembly Bill 1540 would exempt community college computer science courses from those that limit the number of high school students who can be...
AB 1663 »
Identity Theft: Unemployment Insurance Base Wage File
Assembly Bill 1663 would help protect Californians from identity theft. It would allow the Employment Development Department (EDD) to share...
AB 1664 »
School Facilities: Sale or Lease of Real Property
 AB 1664 amends the Education Code to exempt school properties, in certain instances, from certain provisions of the “Naylor...
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