California State Assemblywoman Beth Gaines | District 6
2011 | AB 687 | Legislation

Adoption. Beth Gaines is a co-author.

This bill: 1) Authorizes a licensed private adoption agency to conduct an inquiry in an effort to identify the natural father of a child to obtain his consent for adoption. 2) Allows a consent to a step-parent adoption to be filed when signed or simultaneously with an adoption request, and also authorizes a representative of a licensed adoption agency to serve as a witness to the consent. 3) Requires State Registrar to issue a new birth certificate within 120 days of receipt of a court report or adoption order, or within 90 days of receipt of a request to expedite from an adoptive parent of the child. 4) Establishes a fee of $150 for an expedited birth certificate after adoption. 5) Authorizes a licensed private adoption agency to serve as the designated administrator for any interstate placement of a nondependent child. 6) Provides that a foster care license or certification is not required for placement of a nondependent child who is relinquished for adoption to a licensed adoption agency if the child is placed in the care of prospective adoptive parents who meet specified criteria.