05/05/14 » Harkey Lends Financial Perspective on Rainy Day Fund
In The News | 09/29/14
100% Score For Eight OC Delegation Members
Orange County Business Council
Below is a summary of how Orange County’s delegation members rank in order of support for OCBC positions on the 31 bills OCBC tracked in 2014. The adjusted calculation is based upon the number of...
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In The News | 09/08/14
FlashReport’s Annual Top 20 Bills To Veto – 2014 Edition
This is our ninth year in a row featuring this column. Each year, we partner with two conservative members of the State Legislature — this year is no different. Our thanks go out to both State...
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Video | 05/07/14
Harkey Bill Designates May as Arthritis Awareness Month
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Assemblywoman Harkey rose to speak on her ACR 123, a resolution designating May as Arthritis Awareness Month. In addition to remarking on the specifics of this chronic health program, Assemblywoman...
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Video | 05/05/14
Harkey Lends Financial Perspective on Rainy Day Fund
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Assemblywoman Harkey addresses the Governor and Assembly Speaker on ACA 1 of the Second Extraordinary Session, a measure to put in place a real rainy day fund for the state budget.
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