Assemblymember Linda Halderman, M.D. | 29th District

Support Our Veterans

Please join me in the effort to open the Fresno and Redding Veterans Homes. You can voice your support by completing the form below.

Let’s tell the Legislature to keep his promise to veterans by fulfilling our state's obligations.

Letter in Support of Assembly Bill 2151 – Funding to Open the Fresno and Redding Veterans Homes


Honorable Members of the Assembly Committee on Appropriations
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814

Honorable Members of the Assembly Committee on Appropriations:

support Assembly Bill 2151 (Halderman), which provides desperately needed funding to Veterans Homes in Fresno and Redding.

Military veterans in Fresno, Redding and the surrounding areas served our country bravely, yet only one Veterans Home exists in the entire northern half of the state. California must keep its promise to these men and women and restore crucial funding to these homes.

Without Assembly Bill 2151, these Veterans Homes will sit vacant indefinitely. The region’s disabled and elderly veterans would be left without the care they have earned through service to our country. This outcome is unacceptable.

Even in tough financial times, it is essential that we continue to care for our veterans. Furthermore, these Veterans Homes would provide permanent jobs and stimulate the economy.

For these reasons, I support Assembly Bill 2151 to fund the opening of the Fresno and Redding Veterans Homes.