Your Prescription for Healthcare Reform.

There are health care reforms in the Legislature that will maximize choice, reduce cost and increase access.

Too many Californians go without health insurance because it is out of their reach. More must be done to ensure that every Californian has access to the most affordable plan for them. That’s why legislators in Sacramento have put forward these key reforms for a healthier state.

Everyone in California should have access to medical care so they can lead healthy lives. The Assembly Republican reforms before the Legislature do not impose costly new mandates, tax hikes or government programs.

Maximizing Choice

Too many working families are struggling to make ends meet while paying for health insurance. They are stuck with choosing either a comprehensive policy or no coverage at all. Consumers should not have to sign up for a one-size-fits-all plan. Rather, they deserve to be able to pick and choose services tailored to their specific needs that best fit into their budget.

To further maximize choice, tax-free health savings accounts will give consumers another option to purchase medical services.

Reducing Cost

Small businesses across California want to provide health coverage for their hard-working employees, but expensive premiums and rising costs may force employers to lay off workers. Individuals and families who currently have health insurance should not have to worry about it becoming so expensive that they will have to cancel their policies. That’s why these reforms strengthen the system so there aren’t dramatic cost increases that have a serious impact on a family’s budget, or force them to give up their coverage entirely.

Increasing Access

Helping the uninsured gain access to health care is a top priority. These reforms will eliminate the barriers in state law that prohibit establishing convenient neighborhood walk-in clinics. Doctors will also have incentives to provide service to those that are uninsured or under insured.